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If you're not completely convinced that we can improve the performance of your vehicle, don't just take our word for it, here's what some of our customers have said. These reviews are taken directly from our Facebook page!


Got car mapped today, as soon as I drove it was like driving a different car. Really responsive and would recommend the service to anyone.


Couldn’t be happier. The map was carried out whilst I was at work and the gains are very impressive. I even got a courtesy message 24 hours after to ensure I was satisfied. Only regret is that I didn’t do it sooner.


The difference is noticeable almost straight away, and definitely worth it! A very nice service and good fella to deal with. Would highly recommend!


Having driven my Audi A4 for a fortnight since the recent remap, I would like to provide some feedback. The A4 is a heavy car and previously felt underpowered when driving both short and longer distances. Since the re-map, I can confirm that the car has become much more responsive with improved acceleration and much smoother gear changes. When cruising at higher speeds, I have also noticed a much lower level RPM which will inevitably lead to improved fuel consumption. I was very happy with the friendly and informed service provided, and am pleased with the overall improved performance that the remap has generated.


Had my car remapped today, I honestly couldn’t be happier the gains are unbelievable, the power delivery is outstanding, the turbo sounds amazing, and to top it off the map couldn’t of been installed by a better bloke. Honestly thank you so much really recommend momentum, unbelievable amounts of professionalism and care taken. Massive thank you !!


Remapped my ford mondeo absolutely love the increase in power and mpg also adding the lag mod for turbo . Fantastic communication with all benefits and the reasoning for my car why i should re map it . Mobile service aswell so came to me whilst at work . Highly recommend very friendly and knows the ins and outs of what they are doing 5*


Had my car remapped on Saturday by David, very pleasant guy, knows his stuff about the software he uses. My car is a 2.0TDi Seat Exeo gained a nice increase in power and torque, car now pulls a lot lower in the rev range and will hold power way up in the revs. Have seen an increase of 12.1 MPG when driving eco now which is a nice little money saving as driving nearly 2K miles a month. Would recommend his company, good company at a good price.


Had my mk4 golf 150 remapped to 200bhp. Absolutely brilliant, on time and very prompt and professional. He managed to work round my work life to make something work out! Can happily trust him to leave him with my car alone! Would definitely recommend as the gains amazing and definitely noticeable. David clearly know what he was taking about and the overall service was outstanding and would definitely recommend using David for a remap. Thank you for your service!


Had the car remapped yesterday afternoon, results were immediately obvious. The stage 1 performance map took my 1.2tsi Ibiza FR from 105PS up to 130PS, and sharpened-up the throttle response making it a lot more fun to drive. An ECU remap is probably the best value-for-money modifications on offer, and the two warranties provided by momentum tuning give you the added peace of mind. Would definitely recommend!

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