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2019 Momentum Tuning Home

Here at Momentum we can enhance your ride, no matter what you drive or how you drive it! Our main service is providing custom remaps and ECU upgrades to cars, motorbikes, vans, trucks and lorries. The Stage 1 upgrade process involves modifying the operating parameters in the ECU and does not involve any invasive engine work or changing any hardware components. We are able to access the ECU via the vehicles OBD port and do most of the work through some specialised equipment and a laptop. The process should take less than 2 hours and can be undone at any time if requested. We offer three different services; Economy, Power and Combined.


The Economy remap upgrade focuses mainly on widening the power band and increasing torque at low revs. This increased torque means less throttle is required to maintain constant speed and you can drive in higher gears at slower speeds, which in turn reduces fuel consumption. This type of remap has proven to be especially popular with long distance commuters and commercial vehicle owners as the results are generally more noticeable over longer distances. If our Economy remap is combined with a smoother driving style you could increase fuel economy by up to 25%!


Using the massively popular Volkswagen Golf (MK7) 2.0 TDI as an example, you could expect to achieve up to 20% increased fuel economy with an Economy remap, much like many other 2.0 TDI vehicles.

To summarise, A Momentum Economy upgrade on turbo diesel engines such as these should hope to provide a 20% increase in fuel economy. On this example it would also increase the power from 148 BHP to 178 BHP and the torque from 236 LB/FT to 271 LB/FT, thus making it cheaper to run, more powerful and more enjoyable to drive.

As shown in the example, the cost of the remap would be made back in less than a year based on fuel savings! In fact, you could save over £200 a year on fuel costs after a remap!