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2019 Momentum Tuning Home

Here at Momentum we can enhance your ride, no matter what you drive or how you drive it! Our main service is providing custom remaps and ECU upgrades to cars, motorbikes, vans, trucks and lorries. The Stage 1 upgrade process involves modifying the operating parameters in the ECU and does not involve any invasive engine work or changing any hardware components. We are able to access the ECU via the vehicles OBD port and do most of the work through some specialised equipment and a laptop. The process should take less than 2 hours and can be undone at any time if requested. We offer three different services; Economy, Power and Combined.


The Combined remap provides you with increased power, torque and MPG. This software upgrade is custom developed to provide the best all round improvements by combining the main benefits of the Power and Economy remaps. When you contact us we can help you decide which option is most suitable by considering your vehicle, mileage, fuel type, driving style and any previous alterations or modifications.

Using the BMW 1 Series (F20) as an example, notice how the power and torque improvements are different between the Economy and Performance maps.


With the Combined map, both the Economy and Performance maps are mixed and adjusted to achieve slightly less power and torque than the Performance map, but slightly more than the Economy map. This is achieved by adjusting how and where the torque is produced on the power curve.