As well as our remapping services, we also offer a separate coding service which allows us to successfully and safely apply various mods to BMW and VAG vehicles including Volkswagen, Audi, Seat and Skoda. With this equipment we are able to diagnose and code these vehicles to adjust a huge variety of stock features and even add features that would have been optional extras when the vehicle was originally manufactured (provided the required hardware is present). For example, our coding equipment can:

Add/remove digital speedometer on dashboard

Customise how the digital display/screen looks

Remove warnings such as 'Service Due' alert

Add/remove dashboard needle sweep 

Add/remove seatbelt warning chime

Add/remove Satellite Navigation

Add/remove lock/unlock chime

Turn front turning lights on/off

Add/remove parking assist

Want to see more available mods?

View or download the PDF.

Audi RS5.jpg